Monthly Supply Line - June 2015

Interested in seeing how the different Pinspotter Upgrade Kits work on a 70 machine and how they may benefit your center? Visit us at Bowl Expo! We will have an 82–70 Pinspotter upgraded with all of the latest and greatest upgrade kits installed including:

PBL Full & Mini Kits

Whether you want a complete conversion or an entry level system, converting your ball lifts to a PBL system will improve their performance. All parts and hardware are included to rebuild and update your ball lifts.

Gripper Kit

  • Specially engineered kit for PBL to provide superior ball lift performance
  • Comes complete with ball lift belt, rod covers, thimbles and adjustable support brackets


  • Get better pin distribution with linear shuttle movement
  • Lower maintenance costs by eliminating high maintenance bumpers, pin guides, and shock mounts
  • Excellent durability provided by rugged steel frame with high impact thermoplastic bin
  • Reduce pin wear due to no metal parts or fasteners near the pockets
  • Easy installation with all necessary hardware and detailed installation instructions
  • Flexibility to upgrade one at a time, or as best fits your center

Cam Upgrade Kit

  • Innovative cam design allows ideal pinfeed and distribution
  • Optimized pin delivery to center of pocket for all 10 pins
  • Eliminates distributor "wobble"
  • Fewer pile–ups

XLi Upgrade

  • Greater electrical reliability based on today's technology including wiring, solenoids, motors, chassis and more
  • Easier operation and maintenance with LCD display, integrated diagnostics, table and sweep encoders, improved safety

EDGE Upgrade

  • Unprecedented performance reliability with the patented EDGE performance lift, cam for Durabin, and EDGE shuttle rod
  • Easier and safer operation and maintenance with fewer adjustments, easier access, ladder with handrails and quieter operation
  • Longer pin life due to Durabin with optical switch – no metal parts to damage pins and optical switch does not come in contact and wear pin heads

To learn more about the many ways to upgrade your 82–70 Pinspotter, view our Pinspotter Upgrade Kits brochure.

Feel free contact either your local QubicaAMF Office on 01442 286500 for further information.

Stop by and See us at Expo!

We're looking forward to seeing you in Vegas this month! We've got a lot planned over these two days. Bowl on BES X and Highway66, get a BES X Demo, check out our Harmony Line or see a fully upgraded 82–70 Pinspotter… no matter what you're in the market for this year, we've got you covered.

We'll also be hosting a Match My Monster Contest on the Highway66 lanes using the Monster Factory Game in BES X. Stop by our booth on Friday, June 26th for you chance to play and WIN $10,000! Click here for details!

See you in Vegas…



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Our Webinar Series is a tool that we provide to help centers use various QubicaAMF products to their fullest potential. These sessions are a great opportunity to hear best practices, tips for success or learn more about a new product. Click here to register for an upcoming webinar. Previously recorded webinars are available on the Customer Portal. Stop by and check them out!



Drive Open Play with Mad Games
Thursday, June 11th @ 2pm EDT

Having fun is the most important reason that brings people to bowling and entertainment centers. But proprietors have told us that the traditional 10 pin game is too long and not easy to understand for many customers–and that traditional scoring systems don't adapt to the individual tastes of different customer segments. Introducing Mad Games – four stimulating games allow your customers bowl in a way that is easier to understand, faster to finish and uniquely aligned to their taste. Join us to learn how to utilize Mad Games to redefine fun in your center, offer your customers a whole new way to play, and grow your business.


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