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Why Bowling?

Whatever form today’s bowling centre takes - traditional centre, family entertainment centre (FEC), or a combination of tenpin, mini-bowling and other attractions - it generates dependable cash returns all year long.

A proven attraction. From the youngest to the oldest customers, bowling has a proven market demand - and it’s one you can increase with your facilities’ own mix of attractions.

Strong, worldwide participation, year after year. There are more than 210,000 lanes in 11,600 bowling centres worldwide. More than 100 million people in over 95 countries bowl at least one game a year. And about 60 million in the US bowl at least once annually. This provides a strong, already existing, customer base. 

Universal appeal. Young or old, everyone enjoys bowling because it’s easy to learn the game. Plus it’s a destination activity - people seek out bowling - that offers year-round fun without regard for the weather. 

A stable, predictable, cash business. Bowling requires little to no inventory, has no receivables and can produce a return on investment in less than 4 years, delivering an operating cash flow of up to 40%.